Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Family and Missing Winners

I love this little girl.  Rob and I fell in love with her when she was first listed on RR. She's a tiny little warrior with a condition that means she isn't going to have a long life. That's a HUGE STRIKE against her in the adoption world. I mean - who is crazy enough to raise the ransom to adopt a child knowing that her life expectancy is short. Knowing that they are going to love and then lose.  Who does that?? 
How about a family who understands her condition in a very intimate and personal way because they have two children of their own who share the same diagnosis??  How about THAT kind of family
I wish I could do another giveaway on here.
I wish I had another whole round of prizes and I wish we all had deep deep pockets because this little girl's family isn't just adopting her but two others and all three children are in three separate regions which makes the road even harder for them. 
One of those children is aging out. Thankfully they have all they need to adopt him.

One of those children is blind and is heading for the mental institute at the end of the summer because she failed the 4 year old test. Blind children do not get to ever pass that test.  Ever.
They do NOT have the money to adopt her. 
And Elizabeth. They do NOT have the money to adopt her.
They need 22,000 to adopt both girls.
Right now they are focused on raising the ransom for Elizabeth.  Then they will work on raising the ransom for Beth.
How in the world can they leave Beth behind???
I wish I had cattle on a thousand hills.
I wish.
I know I have asked and begged and pleaded for you to help the Blooms. And you were AMAZING.  And you helped raise the ransom for OTTO and that was amazing.  P.S. HE STILL NEEDS A FAMILY!!
But I can't just ignore this family because if they can't raise the ransom then they will have to leave a babe behind.  Three children in three different regions is a big mountain to climb.
So I am sharing them today. If your pockets have anything in them, two little girls will be eternally grateful!  Neither of them want to be left behind.



 9.  PICK A FAMILY - Value $50.00 Juliette Bullock
 10.  PICK A CHILD - Value $50.00 Shannon Wilde
20.  CROSS LAP QUILT - Value $70.00 Kara Wolf
21.   BAIT AND TACKLE PILLOW - Value $15.00 Anastasia Ramsey
23.   DESSERT HEAVEN PILLOW - Value $15.00 Errin Mills
25.   ROAD WORKERS PILLOW - Value $15.00 Heidi Stoll
26.   HANDMADE AFGHAN - Value $60.00 Stori Wann
27.   NEW - THIRTY ONE BAG - Value $28 Heidi Stoll 


36.   CHILD'S PURSE - Value $10.00 Kalee Magnani
 39.   PINK BRACELET FROM UGANDA- Value $7.00  Angeline VanHalle
 41.   DELICATE PEACH NECKLACE FROM UGANDA- Value $10.00  Stori Wann
 42.   COLORFUL DOUBLE NECKLACE FROM UGANDA- Value $15.00  Joel Durham
 43.   SILVER EARRINGS FROM UGANDA- Value $5.00  Karen Strong
 44.   HANGING BEADS NECKLACE FROM UGANDA- Value $15.00  Rebecca Adams
 53. STORY OF THE WORLD AUDIOBOOK - Volume 4 - Value $25.00 Angie Robshaw

WINNERS NEED TO E-MAIL ME your name and address at - Put the item you won IN THE SUBJECT LINE of the e-mail. 
Make sure to put the item won in the subject line.  If you won multiple items... Send me an e-mail for each item!!  Don't forget name and address in the e-mail!!

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  1. If no one claims their prizes you could do another giveaway


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