Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Italy, Italy!

He's been scruffy man ever since he agreed to be Reuben in the Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat musical.
24 years married and he never had a beard until now. 

Yes. I thought it was cute.
Yes. I'm glad to have my smooth-faced husband back now that the show is over.
But I didn't get to enjoy his clean-shaven face for long.
Right after we took these pictures...
These three hit the road.
Little boys were a bit sad about their leaving..
So was I...

This morning they landed in Italy for a 9 day fast blitz across the country. Their welcome to Italy was a cab driver who promised them a smooth ride from airport to hotel.  Smooth except that he drove like the Mafia was chasing him and then he dropped them off on the wrong street.  Poor jet-lagged, car-sick men had to walk the streets of Italy trying to find their hotel! 
Considering where they are and what they get to do for the next 9 days... I only feel a TINY bit sorry for them!
Little boys and I are going to enjoy easy dinners, lots of Olympics and the start of the school year....

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