Friday, September 29, 2017

Mama Didn't Come

They dressed her all up nice and pretty for Mama.

The message that we were not able to make it to court didn't filter down to the caretakers so they washed her and fixed her hair and put her in a sweet little dress.

She was all fixed up and ready to go to court with her Mama and Papa.

Oh my goodness I just can't stand it!


 She was waiting for Mama.

Mama didn't come.

Our facilitator, who stood in court for us, went to visit her with gifts she bought "from us."

And they couldn't even take a picture for Mama to see because our facilitator's phone battery had died. She spent the day on the phone getting our Interpol paperwork redone because our name was misspelled on it.

Yesterday, things kind of exploded across the ocean.  I can't share everything but I can say this... the person who has been wrecking havoc on international adoptions has had the tables turned on him.  He is being de-throned. This is good in the long term. This is a HUGE answer to prayer! This is what all of us have been hoping for.

But in the short term, his removal leaves a hole that has not been filled. There are other holes that are empty too as a result of this man's work. Right now the office that processes adoptions is in chaos and we are caught up in that story.

For us to move forward, our dossier has to be reviewed and approved by a committee that he headed. Then our dossier needs to be signed. Up until yesterday, he was the one who signed the approvals.  When he wanted to. At his leisure.

There isn't a head of the committee anymore. At this point no one has been appointed to replace him.

We are in limbo.

So are a whole lot of other families. Some are across the ocean with approvals and court dates scheduled for next week, but no signatures because he was taking his time about signing them. They can't have court without approvals.

We are hoping and praying that in the next few days things will begin to sort themselves out.

We are first of all praying that someone will be given the authority to sign the approvals of the families who have court next week.

We are praying that the committee will continue to meet and approve dossiers and that our dossier will be part of the next meeting.

We are praying that the person put in charge of this committee will not have the same sentiments that his predecessor had.

We are grateful that the powers that be over there did not turn a deaf ear to the cries of the families who have been caught in the corruption and deceit over the last nine months. There are some really good ladies who lost their jobs over all of this and I am praying hard for them that they are reinstated. I care about these ladies because they helped process both Aaron and John's adoptions for us and I missed them a month ago when we were there.   

We are so grateful to the Lord that the mountains are being brought to dust.

We are currently caught in that dust storm and right now the scenery isn't pretty.

It's making it even harder to breath than normal and is causing a lot of headache.

But we have a silver lining.

Tomorrow a Mama is crossing the ocean to accept the referral for her little guy.

He's my silver lining.

He's in Mary's group.

We met him.

We were even able to take a few pictures and send them to his Mama.

He's a teeny tiny little guy who had lost so much weight at camp that his britches fell down every time he walked.  He came running into our room one time with tears pouring down his face and came over to me for comfort. I wanted to pull him into my arms and whisper in his ear that he had a Mama.

He's a little wisp and next Wednesday he's going to meet his Mama! 

I'm so excited for him.

I'm grateful too because we sent Mary a cute little Baby Einstein octopus that plays music and has buttons she can push that make sounds. That's her love language!! She loves buttons and she loves music!! We also sent her pictures. We can't be there but we can at least send bits of love to her from afar.

Here's the thing...

The Boyers are not fully funded.

I want to thank them for loving on our little one.

They have been offered a $1,000 matching grant.

Will you help me match this for them???


If you are reading this and have 5, 10, 20 OR MORE to spare... will you donate so we can match their grant????

It would bless them so much!!


I so am hoping that Cindy's battery doesn't run out so we can get some new pictures of our little one!

P.S. The Boyer's grant account needs to read $2,512.25 for their matching grant to be met.


  1. I just pray that after going through all those trenches, you will have a blissful adaptation with your lovely little girl.

  2. Oh, my, this brings back memories of the complexities of eleven years ago, when my young cousins' parents met and committed to them months prior to being able to bring them home! Patience and faith are absolute necessities for anyone hoping to adopt from U. - thankfully, you have both in abundance, though nothing can make the seemingly incessant waiting a piece of cake.

    But it's worth it. Innumerable times over and over again - it's worth it. The mountains are crumbling - may the pathways currently obscured by the dust of those fallen mountains soon reopen, bright and clear and level and easy.

    But pack your hiking boots and walking sticks, just in case!

    Prayers and hugs to you all,
    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  3. God strengthen all these families hearts and keep making a way for the next step. Give them the courage that it takes to wait and to continue fighting this battle. May every orphan find a home.

  4. Donated. Love the Boyer family. Praying for all of you.

  5. Oh, Julia. why oh why couldn't you have had at least ONE adoption that went smoothly ? Praying that the mess gets sorted out soon and you can bring Mary home as soon as possible !!


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