Monday, October 23, 2017

We are Not Trading Children!

We are on our way.

Two little boys. One wheelchair, eight suitcases, and one purse all packed with our stuff, Mary's stuff and a ton of maternity clothes, children's winter clothes, coats, blankets, gifts and more to giveaway.  We are again looking to hire a camel or two!!

I believe in packing light but if we have an opportunity to bless.... then bring it on!!

I want to personally thank the Truth and Hope Ladies who made all this possible!!!

Your loving gifts are going to bless so many people!

And I want to again thank each and every one of you who have prayed and encouraged and given so freely to help us bring our little one home.  We have been so richly blessed on so many levels!!

Before we see her this week we are going to take a very special side trip.  Even though I am not sharing right now where we are going, I ask for you to pray hard for this side trip that the Lord would move in hearts and open doors that have been so stubbornly stuck shut for years.  It is our heart's desire!

Pray too for our little boys. Adoption is hard. The stress and upheaval over the past few months has definitely affected them. We have had to spend many hours in the trenches with both of them. We are hoping that taking them with us on this trip will allow them to work through some of their fears and anxieties. We are not trading children. One little boy in particular needs to experience and understand this. We are flying over together and we are ALL flying home. Little sister safely nestled between her two big brothers. Please pray for them.

In a few short days... our family of  boys and men is going to be completely upended.

I'm going to laugh myself silly watching her wrap each and every one of them around her little bossy finger!


  1. Julia, you and your family are on my mind all the time. I love following your adventures. I am struggling with the idea of pursuing another adoption. So many days I feel old--what I am going to say next, I mean in the absolutely MOST positive way--then I look at your family and others and I know that we could accommodate another one or two. Thank you for telling your story. I know it encourages so many of us. I will pray for you throughout your trip and when you return. May this trip be a blessing to your two little boys and yourselves. (and how are the 'big boys'?) May the Lord bless and keep you all in his peace and love. -- MayLynne

  2. You are in my prayers. You amaze me. Love, Melody

  3. I wish there were a LOVE button for this. You’re doing a great job! Keep going in a positive direction. We are praying for you all. The Jacobs Family

  4. Love love love!!! I have been following you since you brought Aaron home. It has been a joy watching the boys thrive and I cannot wait for Miss Mary to make her mark on your home. All the very best and much love to you all.


  5. What a wonderful journey to bring Princess Mary home to your castle! And what fine, princely brothers she now has! I hope your flight went well and that all will fall into place during the days ahead, especially during your "side trip".

    Give the boys hellos and hugs from me - can't wait to reconnect next summer and meet Princess Mary, along with Princes Aaron and John once again!

    Best wishes to all,
    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to two fine young ladies from you know where

  6. Yay, Praise the Lord!! So happy and excited for all of you finally. Praying for your entire family. What sweet blessings all the way around!!

    God bless


  7. Praying for all of you...especially those boys of yours!! Toby is praying, too!

  8. Can't wait to read about your trip. What a wonderful idea to take the little boys. Sending love and strength.
    Kate Germany

  9. SO incredibly excited for all of you! Praying you through each day until you are firmly back on our US soil and safely in your home! Although everyone's transition will not be without bumps, God will make a way!! Believing it with all my heart!!!

  10. Oh! That picture at the top with Aaron's smile is just priceless! Praying for these days - for grace for you and Rob and for God to work in the hearts of all three children. Can't wait to meet Mary and see you all home and starting into this new part of your life as a family. There's no doubt about who is going to rule the roost and I'm sure you'll be needing much continued prayer support as you help the boys adjust to the dynamics. So grateful for you!

  11. How wonderful to have a pretty little girl. Can't wait for the update! Safe travels!

  12. Julia, John and Aaron look so grown up and classy in these photos. They must have been so excited to go back to their native country. Praying all your travels and missions are going well. Please just post a picture of Mary with those boys asap. We all know you are not going to have any time to write much.
    Blessings, Val Deutsch

  13. Praying for you as you once again dive deep into those trenches. May many blessings emerge!

  14. May the mountains fall before you! Our battle is not against flesh and blood! If God be for then who can stand against us! Praying this trip is amazing and wonderful!


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