Thursday, February 22, 2018

Whatever You Do

I lay in bed early this morning with her feverish little body pressed up against me. Her little fingers laced tightly into mine. Her head heavy on my shoulder. Every few minutes her body seizing.
It's the second time in a week that she spiked a fever although this time it wasn't at the terror-filled 105 level it was a week ago. All three of our littles have battled the fever and cough and body aches over the last two weeks. Just when we think we are through the woods it hits again.
We are in the final weeks of finishing our book. The hardest weeks. The hours in the day not enough to get done what needs to be done.
Our wonderful new helper found another job. We are back to tag teaming child care and work.
Doctors visits, testing and other appointments have kept us on the road more than we would like.
We now have two wearing glasses.
Conventions loom in a matter of weeks. I have seminars I am giving with no time between now and then to prepare for them.
How Lord?
I lay there early this morning holding my baby girl, fighting off exhausting. It is easy to slip into self-pity. Some days I go there quickly. How Lord? How?
Then she reaches her little hand up to my face, pats me and pulls my head down and kisses me on the cheek. She snuggles back down in my arms. Burrowing under the covers. Pressing as close as she can. Back to sleep. Safe.
Those moments.
And these - three littles helping Papa make Sunday morning pancakes.
 Precious moments of pleasure in the midst of hard.
Little girl's seizure still out of control.
How Lord?
I don't know how. It's one step at time at this point for us. But I know that this is what we have been called to do. These kids. Each one. Our business. The books we write. The families we minister to through our material. The students I teach. Simple ministries every one. It isn't glorious. It doesn't allow for time off and days away. But it is what God has called us to do.
So we dig in and plow ahead. Ministering as we go. Trying to be faithful in all that we do. God-honoring. Writing. Talking to homeschooling families. Loving our babes.
Some days better than others.  Praying for grace and strength. Finding joy in the small things.
"Whatever you do, work at it will all your heart as working for the Lord..."



  1. Oh, my, I do hope everyone's soon on the mend - and remains mended! So worrisome when little ones run high fever like that.

    But it sounds like trust and attachment are growing stronger and stronger, a silver lining indeed. Just hope a good new home helper turns up soon.

    Where are the upcoming conventions located? Don't forget, you have good friends all over - let us know if we can help then, by spelling you for a few hours, entertaining kids, or taking you out for lunch or dinner (or bringing lunch or dinner to you). We're out here, just let us know!

    Hugs and best get-well wishes all around -

    Susan in Kentucky Cousin to 2 from U.

  2. I'm in awe of all God is doing in and through you and your dear family - the seen and the unseen. You remain in my prayers!!!

  3. Those precious little ones! Praise the lord!

  4. Dear Julia,

    if this is not glorious, then I do not know what is.

    I can not imagining glorifying our Lord more than by clinging to him even though, in such a situation.

    BIG BIG HUG and prayers!

  5. Not sure if this is a consolation, but we have seen TREMENDOUS developments following high fevers in our little adopted son.

    It seems that these fevers have a very healthy, stabilising effect on both body and mind - although I was scared to death at the time, due to the high spikes.

    Hoping for better times to come real soon for you..

  6. I'm in TN. Anyway I can help. I only know you from following your blog. How can anyone resist that cute little nose...and her glasses are so sweet in pink. Great job

  7. Dearest Sis!

    May the Lord be your right hand in these days. I feel the tired as you write and I know that at times it doesn't quit and there is no break in sight...then miraculous provision sneaks in unannounced as on tiptoes. May those "at hand" be dropping by with help - a cooked meal, pulling out your vacuum cleaner, taking the kids outside, etc. Wish I could get there without flying all the way around the world.

    Praying for seizures to lessen in frequency. Asking for great grace. And acknowledging with the friend who wrote may be "your mundane" but His Glory is shining through it all and is over each of you. May He lift your spirits. Love you heaps!

  8. Praying for health for the kiddos and strength, energy, and time for the adults. And thank you for a reminder this morning - I have been living in that “How, Lord?” Place, too. The needs of my 2 have been emotionally and physically draining. Add work and just life to that...I get overwhelmed. Seems like hubby and I have little left for each other. It was important for me to be reminded that God called us to this and He will,sustain us. Thank you, beautiful lady and may you be incredibly blessed today!!


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