Sunday, March 4, 2018

Happy Birthday Mary Sasha

Seven today!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

The prettiest girl in the house!
Her favorite favorite movie in the entire world!!
Let it go!!

Happy Birthday, Mary Sasha!!



  1. Happy birthday and happy first birthday with your forever family! 🎂
    Her smile in that last picture almost made me cry. She is so strong and I'm so happy that she is home with you!

  2. Happy happy birthday to Mary Sasha! She gets to celebrate with her family this year!! So wonderful!

  3. Happy 7th Birthday to beautiful Princess Mary. I hope you have such a wonderfully blessed year. I know it has already started that way you have a family that has Jesus as their Savior. Yay!!


  4. I love this...precious girl. And Julia...look at Mary with her braid and hair clips! You go, girl!

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. She looks quite a bit like Aaron to me in that third picture! Maybe it's just the smile.

  6. Happy Birthday, Mary Sasha! I hope you have lots of fun and lots of wonderful surprises, both today and in the year ahead, now that you are seven years old!

    Very best wishes from
    Susan in Kentucky

  7. Happy Birthday from Germany sweety! Hope you had a wonderful day with mommy and daddy and your brothers!
    All the best!

  8. Happy birthday Merry Mary! You are the cutest little princess in the world and Frozen is the best :)

  9. Mary is treasured and she knows it~that beautiful smile says it all. Happy Birthday, sweet Mary. (The tuxedo kitty is just as sweet!)

  10. Happy 7 Birthday to Mary Sasha🌹❤💎🎂💖🌼

  11. Happy 7th Birthday Mary Sasha 🌹🌼❤🎂💎💖! Glad to see your true smile.

  12. Elsa got us through the beginning of our keto diet (we ended up GJ tube blended keto diet) it was hard on everyone, more than once I wanted to give up but after a long grueling 2.5 years on the diet she weaned off a bubbly almost seizure free now walking talking kiddo! (she was also a 100+ seizure a day kiddo with multiple type seizures). Hoping Mary has the same sucess!


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