Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lost Words

Ever spend a precious hour of your time to write a blogpost and then come back and find that it has disappeared?


Words written carefully for a little boy in a faraway country.

Words crafted in order to touch hearts.

Words written amidst constant interruptions.


I can't rewrite them. Time is too precious and that hour was too hard to find.

These new words have to fit in a 15 minute space.

They must pour out before the needs of my family wash over me.

He's a little boy in a faraway country who has been my Angel Tree boy for three years now.

The first year he was just a tiny babe in a bed.


Tied in a bed. Look closely.

I raised 1,000 in his grant account and hoped and prayed that someone out there would look past his scary diagnoses and love him best of all.

He spent a year growing up without a family.

Last year we were blessed with pictures that brought him to life and I was sure - convinced - that he would not be overlooked.

We raised another 1,000 plus a bunch more but again.... no one chose my boy!

So here we are again. 

I am trying again to find him a family and raise his grant account.

I am not doing the greatest of jobs for him. His 2018 goal is $1,000 and so far he has $112.50. And he is still an orphan in a faraway country.

I don't have carefully crafted words to give you. My 15 minutes is about up.

I just have a plea.

Won't you please SEE Ronald.

Help me raise his grant account. Pray with me that his family sees him.

He reminds me so much of John.

I would give anything to have been able to adopt John when he was 4! Orphanages are not homes. Caretakers are not family.

Please consider donating HERE. Any amount. $5.00 $50.00 or $500.00

If you do then please leave a comment or contact me through Facebook or e-mail (covenantb@yahoo.com) because I have a couple of things we want to giveaway....

A BEAUTIFUL scarf from Ronald's country.... pictures to come later....

And a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card...



  1. I just saw on Hand of help in adoption that he now has a family? This makes me so so happy ❤️

  2. Hi Julie - I don't have much extra to donate this year but I did donate $25 to this sweet boy's adoption. I so appreciate your heart for the little ones and will be praying that he finds a forever home!

  3. http://www.handofhelpinadoption.org/2018/11/a-family-for-ronald.html

  4. Hi Julia, I donated $500. I hope the prior comment is right that he has a family. He is precious.

    Sue H.

  5. Yes he does have a family committed to him. But they will need our help to get him home. They have adopted other kids. The whole family has their hearts set on him.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!