Thursday, November 29, 2018

Next Christmas, Buddy!!

Next Christmas, Ronald.

Next Christmas you are going to be one spoiled rotten little boy!

Your family just claimed you.

You have a Mama and Papa.

You are going to be a little brother!

I am so over the moon excited for you!

Tears and more tears little Ronald.

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers!

I know Ronald's family. I have had the pleasure of meeting them and I know that he is going to be well-loved and cherished!

I'm still giving away a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card and a beautiful scarf from Ronald's country.

His family has adopted before - two times actually - so money is tight and every little bit is going to help them!!  

Thank you to Sue, Nicole, Buddy, Maria, Alison and Carolyn!! Thank you for caring for him!!

His link is HERE.

NO DONATION is too small - every $5.00 is so appreciated!!

My Giveaway will last until December 7th! Let's fill up Ronald's account. 


  1. Thank you for advocating for this precious boy, Julia. I just donated $250 into his account. So many families banding together to rescue these children - only God can make that happen!
    God bless you, Susan B.

  2. Yay, thank you sweet Jesus and thanks to you for advocating for this precious boy. So happy he is now going to have his forever family. Praying for all and this adoption.

    God bless



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