Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Magical and Precious

We couldn't put her in the play. She is way too unstable right now. Her seizures continue despite all of our best efforts. 

So we signed Aaron up for the Nutcracker and left little girl at home.

But the little drummer boy in Aaron's cast was overcome with stage fright. And the little ballerinas and candies and clown didn't want to give up their costumes to be the drummer boy. It was a crisis. We needed a drummer boy to match the song.

I had a volunteer. A ready and willing little girl who wouldn't mind at all wearing the cutest costume on the stage! 

She had helpers hold her hand and catch her each time she seized. She could wear her protective headband under her hat to keep her safe.

And she marched and sang words to a song she didn't know.

And she beamed with utmost pleasure.

And her Papa and Mama stood in the back and smiled through shining eyes. 

Magical and precious. Both our children lighting up the stage.

In the midst of many hard days right now... what a sweet gift from the Lord.


  1. What a sweet blessing for all of you! Thank you for sharing with us. ❤

  2. This made my day :) And its a gift to us all. We will be reminded to look for the flowers in the midst of all the weeds. Thanks for sharing!! God Bless your family.

  3. What a wonderful surprise gift! So happy things worked out as they did. Mary and Aaron (plus your three additional big boys) are precious.

    From Susan in Kentucky

  4. Mary is so adorable in this costume and you can see how much she loves being on stage. Praying you can find answers to stop the seizures so she can be in more productions.

  5. Wow! Aaron looks so grown. And Mary's perseverance is inspiring. I can only imagine your feelings as you tried to take in the amazingness of those moments. Praise God for these moments!

  6. This brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how you felt! Thank you for sharing your story.


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