Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Sweet Tale About Pink Socks

Let me tell you a tale this Tuesday morning.

It won't take long.

It's short. It's sweet.

It's about a little boy in pink socks named Conrad on Reece's Rainbow.

It's about a blogpost I wrote as his Angel Tree/MACC Warrior. You can read it HERE.

It was prayed over and posted on Friday, November 1st. The first day of MACC.

I don't know how many views it received. I rarely look at those stats.

I do know that it was shared.

Not once but several times.

Friends on my wall read the post and shared on their wall.

And some of those people shared on their walls.

About a little boy in pink socks.

One of those shares was seen by a family who had been praying about adopting a little one with arthrogryposis.


Let me state that again. One of those shares was seen by a family who had been in prayer! They had a little one with arthrogryposis and had looked around their table and saw an empty seat and had been praying. They had been praying.

And on that Friday - they read my post. 

Because someone shared. And someone shared. And someone else shared.

And one of those shares touched a family.

And the Holy Spirit whispered.

Of course they were afraid. Of course they wondered. Of course they had to ask a ton of questions.

But as they voiced their fears and worries and questions - the peace of God filled their hearts....

And love... Love filled their hearts.

Love for a little boy in pink socks.

And they said YES!

And all your gifts of love to Conrad were encouragement and confirmation.


And next Christmas - next Christmas - he's going to be surrounded by a Mama and a Papa and brothers and sisters and lots of love... a whole ton of love.

And that's my story.

Short. Sweet. Simple.

A blogpost written. A share. or two. or three. God whispering. Yes, Lord. 

Thank you, Jesus!


P.S. Conrad's family still needs to raise a ton of money so CLICK HERE to say thank you for saying yes!!


  1. Praise God! That is the best news!! I needed to read that today. Thank you for posting. I thank God for moving His people to help others in whatever way. Each person playing his or her part! Amazing!!

  2. That is AMAZING! Thank you, Lord!!!

  3. Yay, to God be the Glory!! so happy for this precious one.


  4. Reading this now and so grateful for that praying family!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!