Sunday, January 26, 2020

Annointed With Oil

This last week as we have watched our little girl suffer over and over again, we have been raised up, carried, encouraged and loved by the prayers of all the saints who surround us.

Many of those prayers have been from those who follow this blog and are friends on Facebook. Unseen friends who are scattered across the globe who have come to love our three littles. 

Many are from family and friends who can't be near us but can still reach out and cover our little girl in prayer.

And many are from our church family.

A church family that has rallied for us this past week. Calling, e-mailing, praying, visiting. 

This morning in church our little girl tanked twice. Slipping into the abyss of seizures that have become her norm in the last week. 

Between tanking we carried her to the front of the church. She was surrounded by pastors and those who love her. And they prayed. Believing along with us that God hears our prayers. He loves her. He hears and He responds to our cries. He can heal. We know this. Mary was anointed by oil and lifted to the throne.

I am not one to lose it in public. I lost it in church today. The stress. The heartache this last week. The words of the doctors ringing in my ears. The raging. The crazy. I lost it. 

And God, in His loving kindness, moved into my spirit and whispered peace in my heart.

We carried her out and while Rob played the guitar for the offering, I sat on the floor in the back of the church rescuing my child for the umpteenth time in the week.

Every other time when she has come out of rescue she has been dazed, angry, agitated and aggressive. 

Today she came out with her eyes shining. Her impish grin on her face.

She has been that way this entire afternoon.

Bright. Happy. Talking. Seizures are there but few and far between.

Cured. Probably not in the immediate. She still is having seizures.

But an anointing that gave us a respite from the weary and the stress. An anointing that gave our little girl peace for a time. Joy. Happiness. A chance to go outside and jump on the trampoline with Papa.

He anoints my head with oil.

My cup overflows.

Surely His goodness and mercy follow me all my days.

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


He is good.

He meets us where we are and carries us when we cannot go on.

And He CAN heal. We believe that. He can heal our little girl. For a season or forever. In this life or the next to come. 


  1. You and your family are loved and admired in our church beyond words. So glad to hear that Mary is doing better. Please let us know if there's anything we can do.

  2. What a wonderful blessing. Thanks for sharing the good news with us - good news, indeed. I hope the corner has been turned, and that better times are ahead.

    love from
    Susan in Kentucky

  3. P.S. Your family is truly beautiful.

  4. Praise Jahovah Rapha! Such a beautiful smile on a beautiful little girl.

    God bless.


  5. I'm so relieved to know you are having a respite! We've been praying with all our hearts!

  6. She's always ready to switch whenever she gets a little chance to be a kid. That's amazing!!! Love from Budapest

  7. praying for you..just thought I needed to share that.

  8. My eyes are flowing; for your heartache, for Mary's health, for hopes and dreams, for God's lovingkindness to meet you each where you are and for His poured out grace that you may know He is meeting you. You are a lovely instrument in His hands, pouring out a beautiful song. Love, Kelly


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!