Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Birthdays and Lessons Learned

Note for next year:

Do NOT tell Little Girl that her birthday is tomorrow.

Just don't.

Because she will wake up at 1:00 am when her Papa tucks her into bed with Mama and she will poke Mama and kiss her and sing "Happy Birthday to Mary" over and over again. And when Mama tells her to go to sleep she will not. She will instead kiss Mama and poke Mama and sing "Happy Birthday to Mary." So Mama will have to put her back in her own bed where she will talk and sing for hours. Until she falls back to sleep. 

Happy Birthday to Mary.

9 years old.

Not quite there emotionally but we still celebrate.

The laughter. The joy. The crazy. The heart attacks.

She's a disaster waiting to happen.

She exhausts us. She inspires us.

She makes us cling to the One who called us to be her Mama and Papa.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

With a kiss and a poke and a song!


  1. She is absolutely precious. So is her family. God bless you all. Happy Birthday Mary!!

  2. What a happy birthday! I hope many, many more happy days are ahead.

    And I hope Mama and Papa got a nap on Mary's birthday afternoon. :-)

    Susan in Kentucky

  3. Happy birthday and love from your MD cousins, Mary!

  4. Happy birthday,Mary! You are gorgeous! :)

  5. Happy blessed Birthday to beautiful Princess Mary.



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