Thursday, March 12, 2020



We have the book in our ever so tired hands.

It's been one of our most challenging adventures in the BiblioPlan world.

When we started writing Ancient Days almost two years ago, we realized that the old Ancients scope and sequence was not good enough. So we changed it.



Remember... it is just the two of us. 

We have one very dear person who helps us 10 hours a week. 

Otherwise Rob and I carry the entire load.

All the writing, shipping, conventioning (if that's a word), selling, paying, answering - everything is shared between the two of us.

With three kids at home who kind of need us to be their Mama and Papa... and one of them who has some pretty intense needs... it has taken us a lot longer than we anticipated.

But one day at a time... day in and day out... plugging and working...

A HUGE mountain was just climbed.

Our newest book is DONE. 

And so are a bunch of the products that go with it!!

The Ancient Family Guide is finished. Oh my gracious it doubled in size and is amazing.  So many extra features. 

And just because we are completely nuts, we also upgraded the Medieval Family Guide, the Early Modern Family Guide and the Modern Family Guide... all with amazing features!! All within the last 9 months.  

The Ancient Timeline is finished! Woo Hoo… another amazing upgrade! More pictures. Better labels. 

The Ancient Hands on Maps for Middles is finished.... the maps are all new - better quality! 

The Ancient Cool History for Littles and Ancient Cool History Middles are also finished. Again - Upgraded and wonderful!!

All the Notebooking has been revamped.

The Ancient Coloring Book is finished (although not back from the printers yet). And again, because we are nuts - we also upgraded the Medieval Coloring Book and the Modern Coloring book in the last year. 

Elijah helped us with these books!! His new coloring pages are amazing!

And in the midst of all the writing we have been doing ...

(WITH THE HELP OF OUR DEAR FRIEND, LU at Poppies Blooming).....

Talk about a learning curve. 

It's incredible and sleek and has a brand new 'special-needs' section for all the families out there who have struggling learners, gifted kiddos and more... Our material is adaptable for all ages and learning types!!

It also has its own blog and Rob wrote one of the first blogposts. CLICK HERE to read.

We even have a new Logo (Thank's LU!!)

We are not finished yet.

There is no rest for the exceptionally weary...

The Ancient Craft Book is going to take another 9 months or so. But it is getting a brand new revamp that will make the wait so worth it! 

The Ancient Companion for 7-12th graders is going to get a HUGE Revamp. We are just beginning that project but hope to finish it by summer 2021. With that revamp we will have a new Ancient Discussion Guide, Ancient Hands on Maps Advanced, Ancient Cool History Upper Middles and Ancient Cool History Advanced.

So we are not finished yet.

But we are taking a pause to share what we do have done.

And rejoice in this moment.

Because our newest book and the products that go with it are fantastic.

If you haven't used BiblioPlan before... now is the time to consider changing over.

Ancient History is where to start.

So check us out.

Enjoy the new website. 

As for me... I am on my way to the Great Homeschool Convention in Texas.

I'm flying. 

Rob's holding down the fort with all three littles for three days.

Insanity Doubled!!

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