Saturday, November 7, 2020

Aaron's Suite


It's a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Aaron's starting to decide that hospital life isn't all the terrible.

He has a comfy bed to sit and watch TV in... 

.....and of course take naps whenever he desires.

He has his own gaming area in the room - complete with TV, chair and side table for drinks and snacks.

He gets fed three meals a day off a menu that has all his favorite foods.

He received driving rights and can take his med. vac all around the floor.  

He has met other long-termers (some who have been here more than a month) who love nothing more than just chatting or playing electronics together. 

I mean seriously... apart from the surgery, pain, therapy - he's living it up here in his private suite with a view! (Covid does have its benefits)

Me. Not so much. 

I miss home. 

I miss my bed because a pull out chair that pretends to be comfortable is not a great substitute.

I miss my office and my office chair and my privacy and my routine and my kitchen and my non-hospital food (I don't get the same food choices Aaron gets) and my ability to get work done without constant interruptions!!

Okay - I get the constant interruptions at home but still...

I am longing for home.

And honestly - so is Aaron.

His pain is manageable which is a HUGE praise. 

He is doing great in therapy. 

We are homeward bound on Monday.

He will be back the following week for the skin graft and while he is under they will see if the skin flap on his elbow will allow for more range. That is our BIGGEST PRAYER right now. His arm now has the ability to bend and extend - but will his skin give enough to let him do it or will it again rip.

For those asking/praying over Mary - she's been hanging in there. Please keep praying for her and for Rob. 

She's a mess of a roller coaster and every day is an adventure with little girl!!

We are feeling your prayers and for that we are truly grateful!


  1. Such welcome updates! And tomorrow - you and Aaron will be home. Hurray!

    It may be the camera angle, but the photo of sleeping Aaron looks as if his arm is quite close to his face. Hope that's really the case.

    Sending prayers for traveling mercies, both for tomorrow and for the times to come with Aaron's "journey of exploration".

    Susan in Kentucky

  2. It's good to see Mary and Aaron smile. We continue praying for all, including a safe trip home and the next trip too. Praying for blessings. Barbara B

  3. No updates for overs week. Is everything OK? (Maybe just crazy busy?)

    Praying for all of you (almost) every day, and have been for several years.



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