Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Second Surgery

When Aaron agreed to the total reconstruction of his elbow, we never considered it would be more than just one surgery and one recovery.

Honestly, I'm kind of glad we didn't know.

Yesterday morning, Rob and Aaron drove to Philly for the surprise second round.

Aaron was mentally ready to go again (not that he isn't a little anxious)

I've truly been amazed at his attitude through this whole process.

He came home last week with a crazy med vac machine pump to protect the open area where they cut out a chunk of skin to quilt into his elbow.

That machine has been a bit of a nightmare for the last week. It has beeped and dinged and shut off and forced us to call the home health nurse over and over to come get it working again.

Each time she comes we have to remove the  bandages and reapply!

Though it is a tad gross to look at... happily - it looks good!

I know sharing pictures of his arm is going to cause some to run for cover.

But today is HUGE as they are going to graft the open wound and also test the elbow.

Will the skin stretch?

That is the big question.

If it stretches - Aaron gains more range of motion.

If it rips - I just may cry a bit.

My boy is brave and trusting.

He knows there are many many people praying for him and that has given him such peace.

He has said several times to me that God is hearing those prayers.

I want you to SEE what you are praying for.

You are praying that the skin on Aaron's elbow that has been quilted in will HOLD and will STRETCH so that in surgery, when they move his arm - they will get the range back that he had in the last surgery.

40 degrees to 130 degrees.

That was the beautiful range the surgery accomplished.

We are fairly certain that the 40 degrees will be reached (extension). Aaron's is at 50 degrees now. 

It's going up that is the problem.

Right now he is locked in at 90 degrees. The fixator has not allowed us to push for more so that the skin can heal.

When they release it, the doctors are hoping for AT LEAST 105 DEGREES. 

More would be even better!

The simple task of feeding yourself is something the vast majority of the world takes for granted.

My boy can't do that and he never ever ever complains about it. 

He just does what he can and quietly endures what he can't.

We are praying hard for 105 degrees and more.

105 doesn't get his hand to his face... but it is better than anything he has now.

We are praying for a miracle and then some. 

Please pray with us.

No matter what - Aaron will fight through it.

Because he's not only brave.. he's a Warrior!


  1. Praying with you for that miracle! What a young man he is becoming!

  2. Courage Aaron Hugo (Maxim) ton copain du baby house de Nikolaïv pense bien à toi.

  3. Has there been consideration of using a skin expander to create more skin for a graft? Or is it too late for that? Hoping for best outcome.

  4. Aaron's faith is the kind God longs to see in his children! May God bless him all the more richly for it! What a testimony he has! Battle on Aaron! The God of angel armies is by your side!!!

  5. Praying for Aaron, the medical team, and each of you!!

  6. It is too late for that. It is what they will do from now on when they do this surgery again. Which they will do. Because of Aaron!


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