Friday, December 4, 2020

Not Just Preslley

 This morning I went to the MACC Tree to see how my boy was doing.

He has 755.00 in his grant account. 

Go Go Preslley - He still needs 245.00 to read the $1,000 goal. Thank you to each of you who have given to help him get to his goal!!

But the saddest....

He is on the wrong part of the tree. 

He needs to be at the TOP under MY FAMILY FOUND ME!

Five babes are up there this year.

The rest - all the faces - they need Mamas and Papas.

Go look.

Go see.

Don't turn away.

Yes. I know. They all have some kind of special need or another.

But scary words do not define a child.

They do not define Preslley.

And they do not define the rest of those babes.

Even if you can't adopt... go look.

Find a babe. Donate a bit to help them.

Find a babe. Share their face on social media.

Find a babe. Pray for them.

Find a babe. Tell your friends in church about him or her.

Find a babe. Talk to your spouse. Your kids. 


Just consider.

Not just Preslley is on that tree.

And all but five need someone to love them best of all.

MACC 2020

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  1. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that both Aaron and Mary are on my list for healing prayers; they get mentioned in my prayer multiple times a day. Thinking of you and your family.


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