Thursday, February 24, 2022

My Heart Bleeds

 When war happens across the ocean in countries where I have little knowledge, I feel sorrow for the people, but it's not soul crushing. This morning as I hear reports of bombs going off in cities where I have traveled and where three of my children were born, it's like a blow to my gut. 

I had to go back in my files to find a sweet picture of my three in their native dress. 

This is their home country that is being bombed.

Numerous cities.

This is not just a small operation. Do you see the map? 

I've been to a number of those cities. 

Aaron's institute - filled with precious helpless boys sits right near where bombs dropped this morning. 

Mary's institute was near another. 

John's orphanage a few hours from bombs in several directions.

There are faces to my prayers. People we dearly love. Ministries that we support. Orphanages. Institutes. 

There are families in the process of adopting who are there now. Despite the warnings they went because NOTHING keeps a Mama away from her child. 

There are adoptive families grieving here as they are now cut off and unable to go back. They are in the middle of the process. The children waiting for them. Dear Lord!

One family starting the process was leaving tomorrow. Can you even imagine? Their bags packed. The call of their boy screaming in their ears. 

So far, from e-mails we've received and watching Facebook, those we love over there are safe. Some woke this morning to their homes shaking from the bombs, but they are safe. 

But many have already lost their lives. 

And more will be lost in the coming days.

It's beyond real. My heart bleeds for a country that has been struggling for so long to get its bearing. 

I was there during the Maiden Revolution. I saw the fierce desire of the people to live in a country that is free. Free inside and out.

No matter what you hear in the news - they don't want this. Most of them may speak the language of the invaders but that doesn't mean they want to be invaded.

They are proud. They are fierce. I am praying with all my heart that they are not overcome.


  1. Julia, I love you & your family so much. Thank you for writing this. xoxoxox from New Mexico.

  2. Julia, my heart is aching, cousins' former hometown was bombed today. It had a "showcase" orphanage where they were lucky enough to live before they were separated and the elder went to an isolated, shabby Internat 125 miles away in what's now an occupied area. I heard from the BOM folks today, who are shaken but okay so far. Their city got rocket attacks..and many are asking them for help with basics now.

    I'm flying my homemade U. flag from my front porch now. Wearing my blue and yellow sweater, though I've been home all day. Humming that beautiful, poignant national anthem. Made a big pot of veg. and beef soup and wished I could send it 5,000 miles to those dear friends. Thankfully, prayers know no distance and no siege lines and nothing can stop prayers and love.

    Lots of stories to tell at the RRR in June. Let's hope most of them will have happy endings by then.

    Hugs to all,'
    Susan in KY

  3. I followed your blog many years ago and fashioned a bike for Aaron. This is my closest link to Ukraine and was my first thought when I heard of the bombings. Praying for the safety of all the kids and caretakers. Unimaginable.


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