Saturday, February 26, 2022

Our People

 My heart has been so broken the last few days.

I scour the news. Every 10 minutes. I keep tabs on my 'peoples' over there.

I have shed a lot of tears.

This is a bit of what we know about some of "Our People" over there. People who matter to us and to God. Precious souls caught in a war that was totally unprovoked. 

A group of precious souls in a ministry we support - Bible Orphan Ministry - is in the capital with a large group of children and youth - hiding out in a church facility. The terror they face is real. They are forced to comfort the small ones, holding their ears against the sounds outside. They wanted to get out yesterday, but they were unable to move as they couldn't find a driver. I'm praying they can find a way today. The bridge to the west has been blown up making escape more difficult.

Another ministry - Jeremiah's Hope - has lost contact with a group of 10 children and 3 staff members. That same blown-up bridge has made it impossible to get to them. The village is surrounded on all sides. 

Other dear dear friends - Wide Awake International -are in their homestead two hours from the capital. Their place bursting at the seams as they open the doors for those in need and care for the ones inside. They have so many lives in their care, and they are praying for wisdom in this time.

Two of our powerhouse adoption facilitators are in a village that is not far from the capital. They are making Molotov cocktails and standing ready to defend their land. I love those fierce women so deeply!

Another facilitator posted video yesterday of an empty city square. His was the only car on the road. That area is NEVER free of cars. EVER. It's a place we have walked hundreds of times - it's like home to us. I watched the video and wept. I cannot stand the thought of bombs being dropped there.

Down in the south are more of those we love - Heritage Ukraine. It is quiet there for now after the first day of bombing. Eerily quiet. They are watching and waiting and praying. Their area is dangerous. A place long coveted by Russia. They too have many people in their care. 

One missionary family from John's area got over the border this morning after a stressful 24 hours with small children in tow. The line of those wanting out of the country stretching for miles and miles. Those in the villages along the route who are choosing to stay are carrying bits of food and drink to those waiting in their cars. No money. No thank you. God speed.

I've sent messages to anyone and everyone. 

To John's birth family. Letting them know they are not alone. We are praying for them here.

I could go on and on. We know so many. We love deeply this adopted country of ours.

I am not alone in my obsession. I go on my Facebook feed and see all my friends waving the blue and yellow flag and grieving alongside of me.

We share the same story. This is our children's heritage - their birth home. There are thousands of us who are standing for Ukraine along with their children.

My boys are in shock. This is their people. Which has made them Our People. It's hard to process. It doesn't seem real.

Their birth country is being taken over and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

All we can do is watch and pray.

We can send out words of encouragement. Let 'Our People' know they are not alone. 

Watch and pray some more.

And pray some more.


  1. Hi I've been reading your blog for a while. I live in Poland and we are also praying. We are aware that Poland will be the next. Praying for God's wisdom and help. It is so scary to see people who just want to kill others. Russia has been like this for a loong time. I am so afraid of people who have no love in their hearts.

  2. I was thinking about your family and what your children must be feeling, during this awful times.

  3. We are heartbroken watching what is happening and continue to stand with you in prayer.

  4. I read this after posting a comment after learning about Serge...Alla was in a town about 60 miles west of the capitol but has left as of this morning (she was near the Wide Awake Family but in town and they are in the country on the edge of town). She had to leave her dear cats and pet birds behind but found someone who will come to the church and feed them if she can do so safely. One of the kitties, Charlik, was Brother Misha's...heart rending, but it appears all 25 sheltering in the church were able to leave for the west. It's also good to learn that Chef Jose Andres of World Central Kitchen is operating just across the border in Poland as well as in Lviv, Hungary, Moldova and Romania, preparing and distributing more than 1,000 hot meals a day at the Polish border alone. It's very easy to contribute to WCK via their Facebook page and it's tax-deductible for Americans. The Red Cross is also in Poland now - they do great work but are a bit slow to arrive and get set up at times.

    Close to a thousand people attended an outdoor Peace Vigil for Ukraine in my own city last evening. It was very moving.. I am praying continually for peace and safety for the innocent and justice to prevail - swiftly, before more destruction, pain, grief, and loss of lives. So much bravery...

    Hugs to you all,
    Susan in Kentucky

  5. Forgot to add that my homemade Ukrainian flag (made to welcome and celebrate Alla's visit three or so years ago) is flying from my front porch, except when it went with me to the peace vigil last night. It's the same flag I took to the last RR Family Reunion I attended. Hope it can go with me once again this year, and that its companion flags long may freely wave over their beautiful, brave country..

    Susan in Ky again


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