Tuesday, July 12, 2022

18 Looks Good!

This boy. The oldest of my "littles" is no longer a little.

18 years old. A man.

I missed his birthday on Saturday. I was in Texas and didn't get to hug him! I was stuck doing the "I love you" over the phone. 

Oh, how I wish he had been my boy for ALL 18 of those years.

I've had him for seven precious years.

It's not been picture perfect. Adoption never is. We've shed many tears over our John John.

There were many many days in those seven years when love was a choice and not a feeling.

There were many many times when the mountain seemed high, and I never thought we would get over it.

There were many many times when I despaired. 

But I can say with no hesitation that he has been one of the best gift God has given us in our lives.

The transformation in his heart over these last seven years astounds me. 

He has grown, changed, matured. He has blossomed - especially in the last two years.

He has become a kind, compassionate, tender young man who loves Jesus with all his heart and it shows.

I love this boy/man so much.

I love his smile and his sense of humor. I love the way he tenderly cares for Mary. I love his inquisitiveness. I love his passion for music. I love his hit or miss OCD where he can fold the clothes with exact precision, but his desk looks like a bomb blew up.

I love our John and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

God knew what He was doing when he placed him in our family.

Happy Late Birthday, John!

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