Monday, July 25, 2022

To Ukraine, With Love


Last week I traveled with our three "Littles" to the annual Reece's Rainbow reunion.

For those who are new to this little blog of mine - It's the ministry where we found our kiddos.

This year our families filled up the campground. 

There used to be a time when I knew everyone who was there and was able to name all the children.

Not anymore. 

That's a really good thing even though it feels kind of strange. 

As the undesignated organizer of the yearly picture - I did a lousy job this year of getting all the RR kids in one single frame with my phone camera. 

 I was too busy making sure they didn't all run away before the real photographer took the picture.

So you kind of have to piece it together to see all the kiddos. Of course we are missing a lot in the picture. Some hadn't arrive yet, some had already left and some just didn't get up in time to get there! 

You can see my little shoeless girl right smack in the middle with her helmet on! 

Later on in the week we gathered the Ukraine children together. Again - not even close to all of them but I was happy to get these.

It's our "To Ukraine, With Love" picture..

It was a fun week although definitely exhausting. Ten hours there and back make for two long days of travel. Every year I say this will be the last time.... 

But it's hard to not go when my two boys talk about it all year long and count the days when they can go back! 

We didn't get any souvenirs this year, but we did bring back head colds, fevers and some stomach ailments. Little girl landed in the ER on Sunday morning after a dreadful night of high fevers and seizures. She has an ear infection.

Not a great way to end a special week but you can't have it all.

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