Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Several years ago I had the incredible privilege of going to India with my friend Karen who was adopting a little special needs girl, Nithya.  (Picture is of Karen, Nithya and myself in 2009)

At the orphanage was a little blind boy and leaving him behind was hard as he was the same age as Nithya and the two of them had grown up together.  So last year Karen decided to bring Sudarshan home.  Instead of having to go herself, Karen was able to arrange for an escort for Sudarshan and he is CURRENTLY ON THE WAY HOME!  How sweet today to see the pictures on Facebook of her new little son and to see all the people who we met years ago still working hard at finding homes for the orphans in India.   He's beautiful, a bit overwhelmed and in so much need of a mommy to care for him.  I AM SO HAPPY FOR KAREN!  Next Thursday she gets to hold him in her arms!!

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  1. My boy!!!!!

    Oh wait... I mean Karen's boy!!! I mean... OUR Boy!!!!

    That is one deeply loved little guy..

    Smooches to our treasure,

    Angie Aunty


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