Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shout Out

Take a deep breath people!!  Then give a loud SHOUT OUT!!


God is moving mountains across the ocean!!

As many of you know.... and as I posted a week or so ago HERE.... Aaron's former country is changing the way they are doing adoptions.  It is closing one government agency (the SDA) as of THIS MONDAY and opening a new agency that hasn't even been established yet.

It has been cause for great concern.  So we have been praying. 

I listed 6 prayer requests on that blog post: 

  1. That the 33 families in country would get through their process before Monday.
  2. That Sweet Caroline's dossier would be submitted and grandfathered in when the new agency opened.
  3. That the special needs list would be expanded.
  4. That the transition from the SDA to the new agency would be quick and painless.
  5. That God would provide for the facilitators' needs during the transition.
  6. That God would comfort the hurting families who missed the cutoff date, some by mere days.
That is what we have been praying for dear friends.  And Our God has answered many of those prayers....  in one fell swoop!

Get this: yesterday, the Cabinet of Ministers voted to prolong the authority of the SDA while they create the new agency.  THAT IS HUGE! 


All of the families who got their dossiers in under the wire are now going to be traveling within weeks instead of months.  Plus, the SDA will be allowed to continue processing new dossiers as long as their child MEETS THE NEW CRITERIA. 

Unfortunately this means that all of those children under five whose special needs are not on that short list will continue to be shunted to the side until the list is expanded.  SO PRAYERS TWO AND THREE ARE STILL ON THE TABLE!!  But God can move that mountain as well.

So give out a huge HOORAH! Because this affects a whole host of RR families, who can now proceed with their adoptions! 

But keep your knee pads on and keep storming heaven, because there are a lot of little ones who are still stuck.  Sweet Caroline is among the many little ones who will continue to wait until that list of special needs grows a little bit longer.

I Corinthians 15:58 "Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."


  1. That is awesome! We got stuck in the shut down last time when they switched from the NAC to the SDA. And then, WHILE THEY WERE SHUT DOWN, they opened for a small window of folks, us included. They told us when we got there, there we no guarantees. If they shut down again, we would have to go home. They shut down 2 days after our court date. WHEW!

    I am so glad they are seeing that it is best to continue while restructuring. Hopefully this next gov't. branch will be better than the last two. :)

  2. Wonderful news!!! I remember what it was like waiting, wondering.. worrying. We squeezed through a 3 day window which I wasn't aware of while in country. LOL.. Probably a good thing.
    What country is this? Please.. I can't seem to find that info?

  3. I am so so so happy for all the families whose kids are on the list. Thrilled!! We believe God is working this out and the other RR kids...our Caroline included....will be added to the approved special needs list. Thank you for being a prayer advocate for us, Julia. It means more than I can say. Caroline will legally be cleared in about a month, so we are praying the list includes her special need before her release date. We don't want our daughter to spend one single day more than necessary without her family! We have been trying to bring this precious girl home for a year and we're all so very ready to hold her and kiss those chubby cheeks! :) Keep praying!

  4. So excited for so many families. I love it when God moves mountains :)

  5. We were one of the families that missed by mere days...submitted June 2. So we praise God right along with you!!!! We can't wait to travel and meet our sweet girl!!!

  6. I was SO excited when we got the news! Then I got news that another mama might have some brand new pictures of our little boy to share with me! Wow. I'm just amazed right now! Saints - keep praying!! God hears the cries of orphans and of His people!

  7. Celebrating right along with you and praying hard that the rest of those precious little ones in waiting are added to the list really soon!

  8. We were submitted June 23... And Henry's special need is on the list...

    So here we come sweetie! We may miss your first birthday (july 23) but never again!!!


  9. hello lovely lady. just done a proper intro and link today to your blog. looking forward to next friday x

  10. Trying to not let myself be worried sick about the special needs list. I just don't get are qualified to live in society, but not special needs enough to have the family who has bee working so hard for you. Please continue to pray everyone.


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