Saturday, February 25, 2012



                                   SAMUEL                         AND                       DUNCAN

Both of them just a year younger than my Ben.

Two Boys.

Samuel and Duncan.

Will you please read about these boys.... Will you please consider them?  THEY HAVE ONLY A FEW MONTHS LEFT BEFORE THEY TURN 16.

Like Laurel and like Bernadette - Their chances for adoption end when they turn 16.

Samuel will be 16 in May 2012 – so he needs a family, FAST!

Sam is an AMAZING young man! He is friendly, good-natured, has a good sense of humor, and loves soccer (futbol). He is very good at soccer, and has gone to a camp for great players in Poland a few summers ago. Sam very much wants a family in America- he approached a family adopting there and asked many questions about it, and has talked to the orphanage staff before about how much he wants a family- for parents to love him, encourage him, and support him.

Sam's disability is very minor- he has malformed fingers on both hands that appear to be due to banding of some sort. Otherwise, he is healthy. Because of this disability, he was sent to a special needs orphanage. He is very smart, has already started learning English in school at the orphanage and is well-liked by his friends. Sam's faith in God is very important to him and he would like a family who also worships God, who will encourage his gifts in soccer, and who will tell him "I love you" and listen to him as he talks.
Sam has goals for the future, and would like to play soccer and go to college, but he knows his life in his home country will not give him those chances. He is very intelligent, very respectful and has a great perspective about adoption, because he has a friend already adopted into the US. The family that met him in February 2012 will be happy to answer questions about him as well. Sam eagerly posed for the pictures, and begged the family and facilitator to please not forget him and to find him a family fast!

Duncan will be 16 in summer 2012 – so he needs a family, FAST!

From a family who met him in Feb 2012:

Duncan very much wants a family. He is smart and works hard. He gets along well with others. Duncan struggles with facing the future here in his native country. He knows that unless a miracle happens and he gets adopted (or a family commits and gets USCIS approval) in the next few months, he is going to be sent to a mental institution, even though mentally, he has no issues. Duncan appears to have CP, and he is small for his age (about the size of a 13 year old). Duncan's medical information is en route from the orphanage now, but the family who met him and who he approached to ask for a family and the facilitator want to go ahead and get his information and picture out there.

Duncan uses a walker to walk and is independent in mobility. Duncan is a compassionate teen and one who says he "fears even to hope for a family, because he doesn't think anyone would want him because he isn't handsome". In fact, when it was time to pose for this picture, Duncan worried that someone would see it and then not want him. Duncan needs a family to show him God looks on the heart to see beauty (even though he's a quite handsome boy regardless)- and so do Christian families. Duncan's heart is big, and he is well-loved in this orphanage. Many worry for him if he doesn't get adopted before he turns 16 and it is too late.


They BOTH want families but neither can dare to hope that anyone would want them!  I cry as I write that.  Duncan worries that he isn't good looking enough to be adopted!! 


Show this boy about LOVE. 

Samuel wants to hear a Mama and a Papa whisper Love into his heart!  He wants to be encouraged in HIS FAITH!


Please - if there is a place at your table for two very desperate boys WHO HAVE THEIR ENTIRE LIVES AHEAD OF THEM... Please consider crossing that ocean.  A family will need to have their paperwork in process now to qualify.  They have little time and no options.  If you want to learn more about them I will be happy to connect you to the FAMILY WHO MET THEM!! 


Please tell the world about these two boys who desperately want families. 




  1. So glad you're posting about these boys! They break my heart, thinking that no one would want them. :( Just to clarify -- as long as a family has their i600a filed before their 16th birthday they would have 180 days to get through the process in country to adopt either of the boys.

  2. Praying for these sweet boys

  3. Praying for these boys :(. My heart breaks for all these sweet older kids you've been advocating for recently. I so wish we were in a place to consider adopting one of these older kids. Meanwhile I will PRAY! Is it possible to donate for these boys?

    1. Hi Keely,

      Both of the boys has a page on Reece's Rainbow.

      If you're not familiar, Reece's Rainbow has funds for each of the children they advocate for. The funds are specific to each child and are available to complete the costs of that child's adoption.

      Here's the page to donate to Sam:

      Here's the page to donate to Duncan:


    2. If you click over to each of these boys' pages at Reece's Rainbow, there is a donation bottom at the bottom of their pages. :)

  4. Oh my! Someone please tell Duncan that he is VERY handsome!!!!

  5. I agree! Duncan is beautiful!! They both are - what wonderful boys they sound like! They will be in my prayers constantly!

  6. If a family is just starting the homestudy process. As in, just made the first call last Thursday. How long does it take to go from point 0 to the filing of the i600A? Could it be done before Samuel turns 16?

    1. You need to be USCIS approved before they turn 16. It took us 5 months to go from homestudy to approval but we had some roadblocks. I think many families can do it in 3-4 months.

  7. I agree, Duncan is very handsome! I can't wait until he has a family to tell him that every day until he believes it! You can definitely donate to them:

  8. I've been obsessed with looking at all the waiting kids on Reece's rainbow and these boys grabbed my attention too. I wish I was further down the process and could reach one of them in time. i'm praying that someone will get to them fast.

  9. They both seem like wonderful boys! I wish my husband was as ready as I am to pursue adoption... Praying for the right families to step up and get them.

  10. what have you heard? is anyone stepping up for these precious boys? Please, Lord. Let them have a safe loving home.

  11. I can not quit thinking about SAMUEL!!!!! Samuel's mom heard the Lord's voice in the Bible. I officially asked my husband to think about Laurel and Samuel tonight, so please pray. Samuel looks like he's a blood relative to my husband. We have hit so many road blocks for our Jeremy, maybe we are missing the mark.

  12. I can't wait to tell the boys about everyone that has been praying so hard for them. I'm still not sure how we were blessed to bring both boys home! Please continue to pray for them, and us, as time is very short! Our blog is


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