Saturday, October 28, 2017

Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?

We begin this report with a public service announcement. We regret to inform you that physical scientists have misled us all. They would have us believe that jetting east overnight gives us a shorter day when we arrive. What they don't say is that this only works when we actually sleep on the jet. If we don't, then it just compresses two days into one long one-- about 41 hours long, in our case.

I'm not sure any of us has been entirely awake since that long Monday/Tuesday. It started with a full day of work and school for all four of us, followed by an 11 p.m. flight to Istanbul. From there it was a short hop to Mary's home country, where we were met by members of the Nasledie Heritage Foundation. We spent the night at the home of Camp Lela, a fantastic summer camp for orphanage kids. The same facility also houses two more Nasledie ministries: the JAM (Jesus and Me) day center for children from troubled homes, and the Joy! center for children with special needs.

We can't say enough about all the good things Nasledie is doing. One of the hardest things about adoption is meeting all the beautiful kids you can't adopt, and who may never be adopted. The heroes at Nasledie help those kids every day. In our eyes, they are shining examples of the love of Christ.

The events of the next day, Wednesday, are a story for another time.By day's end we were in Mary's town, ready to spring her out on Thursday.

This stretch of the process doesn't require a lot of thought on our part. As foreigners, we're not expected to understand anything. We just go where they tell us to go, sign where they tell us to sign, and pay what they tell us to pay. It means a lot of waiting and a little discomfort, but no worrying. Once you make it this far, the outcome is no longer in doubt.

She knew exactly what was happening. Since Mary doesn't talk much, we've wondered how much she really understands. What we saw on Thursday proved that she understands everything. She knew she was leaving that place for good, and she wasn't the least bit sorry.

A caretaker helped Julia dress Mary in the new clothes we brought, fussing to be sure she did it right. When they finished, Mary took a side trip to the room where her group plays. We thought maybe she wanted to show them her new clothes; but instead, she went to say her goodbyes. A quick "Poka," a wave, and she was off to start her new life.

Unlike our other two, Mary left with nothing. John was rich by orphanage standards. He got a special pair of shoes they'd made him, plus two stuffed animals and a backpack full of other goodies. Aaron got a denim hat that Julia won for him in trade. But poor Mary got not one memento. Maybe it's just as well, as she never should have been in awful place. How much better for her if she had stayed in her baby house, instead of being transferred?

Anyway, she's ours now. We think they're fools for giving her up; for there isn't a prettier girl in this whole country. She's such a treasure that we almost feel like we stole her. Drop seizures are a small price to pay for those huge brown eyes and that dazzling smile!

We're in the capital now, waiting for the papers we need-- passport, medical clearance and so on. Aaron and John are doing great, learning to be big brothers. We're all getting to know our new little girl, and praying that we can bring her home soon.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful story, beautiful family! Congratulations!Glory to God for all He has done!

  2. oh honey bear, Auntie's coming to see you! (when you're ready)

  3. I'm so happy for you all ❤️
    Rachel Hagemeyer

  4. Congratulations! She is beautiful. Praying you home safely and for a great transition for everyone.

  5. Simply wonderful. Best of luck in the days ahead as you all become a family of seven!

  6. What a beautiful story of God's love in action.
    Blessings to you and your amazing family
    Ruth White

  7. Breathing a huge sigh of relief for you guys! Love and many welcomes to Mary from her Wilcox cousins!

  8. Just delighted for Mary, for the boys, for the big boys - and for you. Praises be, Mary's coming home!

    Susan in Kentucky

  9. Wonderful! Praise the Lord! I am happy for all of you!
    Kate Germany

  10. Must arrange a visit once you get her home!! And we thought we had gotten the prettiest girls from Ukraine . . . but now! Not so sure!!

  11. Prayers for your travels and the growth adjustments with your family!

  12. Woooooo hooooooo!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!

  13. That first picture of you and your three littles.... Then that picture of Mary and her big brothers... There are no words. L.O.V.E.

  14. So glad to see her with you, can't wait to see you all home again

  15. Consider Daniel 10:21/12:9 - 'sealed' Book of Truth
    Seal of the Living God: message - 2/20/12
    Benedict: message - 2/19/13


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